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What’s the best case you ever litigated? Are you attracting new clients today for that same case type? Do you show up at the top of their searches for lawyers in that particular industry? Shouldn't you?

As a lawyer, your digital presence for a specific type of case helps you differentiate yourself from your competition. Clients rarely hire generalists. Rather, they seek out proven leaders in a given space or industry. At IntakeNow, we have years of experience advising hundreds of law firms and legal advertisers on how to best convert internet traffic into bonafide clients. Our client acquisition approach was developed through our founder’s years of experience as Google’s in-house advertising strategy expert for the nation's largest legal industry clients.

We know not all clients are equal, and every lawyer has an ideal client profile in mind that they are trying to attract. It is important to think about what brand story you want to tell, and on what digital platforms you want to tell it. At IntakeNow, we love helping successful lawyers define their story, create media assets, and deploy those assets across the internet, making our law firm clients discoverable by future clients. Below are just a few examples of partners we have helped ramp up  client acquisitions within their particular niche.

New York’s Laser Skin Injury Attorney

“The IntakeNow team has delivered on a campaign for my firm that has generated more profitable leads to my firm than any other lead generation source I have worked with to date. Dan has the uncanny knack to listen to your vision, analyze the situation, and execute the perfect plan. A rare commodity in today’s fast paced, ever changing world”

– John Clark, Owner of the Law Office of John C. Clark.

Meet New York’s laser skin injury attorney John C Clark.

John manages a personal injury firm based in New York City. He has been practicing for over 10 years and handling a variety of injury matters. Two years ago, John had two separate clients reach out to him regarding injuries sustained during a laser skin procedure. After investigating their cases, John was shocked to learn both a) how common these procedures were becoming, and b) how dangerous they could be when not performed by licensed medical professionals.

John took on both cases and litigated each to favorable outcomes for his clients. John ten reached out to IntakeNow for help attracting new clients with similar injuries.

We secured the domain and built a simple, informative site to help attract potential clients. Through sound SEO practices, we have built John’s site to rank #1 organically for queries involving the term ‘Laser skin injury’ plus  a generic legal modifier (attorney, lawsuit, ect.) in his region. We leveraged search insight tools such as Google Trends and SEMRush to ensure we continue to rank strong as the category interest grows. 

As John’s client inventory in this niche space grows, so has his reputation. Clients have started to refer friends and acquaintances who have suffered similar injuries to John - who’s now established as a leader in his target client area.

New Orlean’s Maritime Injury Law Firm

“IntakeNow is a team your law firm can trust! I am thrilled with the uptick in phone calls my law firm has received since we started the IntakeNow program. This team knows how to get the right clients calling, they are true experts”

– Tom Sholsman, Managing Partner Sholsman Law Firm

Tom Shlosman is the owner and operator of Sholsman Law Firm, a personal injury law firm out of New Orleans. Tom is a seasoned injury attorney with 15+ years experience litigating injury cases of all kinds. Due to the proximity of his practice to the Gulf, Tom has litigated his fair share of maritime and offshore drilling related injuries. Tom came to IntakeNow with the goal of generating more of these specific maritime injury leads. 

In collaborating with Tom on this goal, we at IntakeNow have taken a multi-step approach to helping him develop this niche. First, on his website, we ensured he had specific long-form content to cater to new clients in the maritime field. In leveraging search trend tools such as SEMRush and Google trends, we were able to identify the ways users search within this space and identified which questions his web content should be answering. We found that Tom’s target users’ searches typically related to the equipment they specialized in operating. In this vein, you will find specific pages for types of boats (Tugboats, crew boars, supply vessels) as well as specific pages for equipment types (oil rigs, barges, etc).

With Tom’s content and landing pages defined, we then deployed his first wave of paid ads. We narrowed in on several specific search queries related to maritime injury and set up Google search campaigns in our specific geographic regions. On search, intentionally we kept our targeting restrictive, requiring some element of maritime and legal interest, be in the query. This strategy has led to profitable search acquisition and was only the start.

In a defined niche such as this, there is only so much existing search traffic to advertise on. Once we had established a sound base on search marketing, it was time to shift to a tactic more geared toward generating awareness surrounding such issues.

We aimed to create a ‘digital billboard’ like experience that targeted users with banner ads while they were on specific sites.. Through industry analysis, we were able to identify small geographic regions which have the highest density of Tom’s potential clients. We then deployed a robust sequence approach to display in these locations, showing users a series of ads that conveyed to them the authority and help Tom’s firm can provide in the maritime injury space.

Are you speaking directly to that target audience about your expertise in the space? Every lawyer has a niche and at IntakeNow, help you tell that story.

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